Here’s Why You Should Take Care Of Yourself Once In A While With Some Exercise

Why do people workout? This question comes with forms of answers, but most times, people want to build their body, keep their body in shape or just want the routine. It’s no news how important exercising is in our lives. Here are some reasons why you should try this self-care out sometimes.

🏋🏽‍♀️ The “I Can Do It All Feeling!”

Did someone say ‘Buff’?

No joke! Working out is no one’s friend, it’s a matter of “push harder, get better” so the more you go, the more you feel capable of doing anything. If you are able to do 100 squats in a row, you literally can tell an improvement in you backyard. So workout as an emotional and physical motivation.

🧚🏽‍♂️ That Light Feeling

Indeed, as you workout you feel less heavy because as your body functions, it burns down the extra calories. Facts, in the beginning you might feel sick to the point that you want to give up; that’s the ‘hell on earth period’. The good news though is that it’s followed directly by the ‘heavenly period’. When you are able to keep up, you start feeling lighter, meaning your hard work is paying off!


😮 The OMG Is That Me Looking Like This Feeling

Hehe, yes it is. It is you looking shaped like that. Being able to see changes and smile at your mirror is another type of happy. You are impressed by how far you’ve gone and how hard it was to get there so you feel extremely happy about your changes or your new you which boosts your motivation to get better or keep it that way by more working out.

Hehe, nice right?

The I Did The Impossible Feeling..

Pic via brightside

Walking into a gym is common, but actually doing the work and keeping up is a task you don’t want to add to your tight and tiredness schedule. But see you! You did it! Ain’t you proud? Sure you are! And you’ve got all the right to say how proud you are of your personal ambitions motivations and hard work.

Working out isn’t for everyone so when you made it, celebrate it! You totally deserve this, be proud!

Ps: working out shouldn’t be forced. And it only works when it goes from a personal motivation.

Workout only when you think you need this, and give it your 100% to make those dreams realities. No matter what, you are not alive to do as society says, so make yourself happy xx.



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