These Are The Must-Have Shoes Of 2021 For Women In Ghana

Footwear is extremely important as they elevate your look and add a unique touch to every outfit. Statement footwear complete every outfit. If you’re looking for shoes to buy this season, let’s put you on some of the trending ones your favourite influencers have been wearing.

1. Strappy sandals heels

Image via @aframdanielle on Instagram

Strappy sandals have been in vogue ever since “the outside was opened” after Corona. They make statements on their own and elevate outfits from simple into chic. The white ones have been extremely popular in recent times. Once you wear these, your feet will be the centre of attraction.

2. Kitten Heel Mules

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They’re easy to walk in because of their tiny height. They come in bright and different colours allowing you to make fashion statements easily. You can never go wrong with this footwear.

3. Combat Boots

Image via ___cookie_xx on Instagram

This year, we’ve seen a lot of Ghanaian influencers wear this kind of boots and they make it look so easy to style as they wear them in very different ways. We have an article on how to style them if you decide to cop one for yourself.

4. Platform Sandals

Image via monique_selasei on Instagram

They are simple, functional and still make statements on their own. Generally, sandals give a more laidback look but these do the opposite. If you want to free your feet and still make a bold statement with your outfit, these are the way to go.

5. Standout Sneakers

Image via __hosii on Instagram

This trend was largely inspired by TikTokers and street style influencers. This look is all about ditching your basic kicks for a pair that feels more special.

6. Fluff Yeah Slides

Image via __cookie_xx on Instagram

These are extremely comfortable and are for easy days when you have to run errands but you don’t want to look basic.

Which of these do you already have and which will you be copping.


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