DSTV Vs TV Africa: Here’s How What You Grew Up Watching Affects Your Personality

Leave it to Twitter to point out the weird and random, but entirely relatable truths you never would have to come to on your own. Here’s a couple of Twitter users set off by one tweet, talking about how the TV you watched as a kid shaped your personality, and reminiscing about the time when TV was the most relevant source of entertainment in a kid’s life.

The Tweet That Started It All

This Is Exactly The Right Combination Of Sad, Funny And Relatable

No Words Can Explain How Accurate This Is


Growing Up On Ghanaian TV Was Just Full Of Heartbreak 😂😂

We All Had That One Friend Who Kept Complaining About How Their Parents Wouldn’t Let Them Watch TV

Remember G-Prime? How About Cable Gold? Do You Remember How Relevant TV Used To Be


Time Always Seemed To Pass Slower When Talking Point Was On

What did you grow up watching? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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