Calling African Creatives: Global African Creative Platform ‘New Comma’ Launches Beta Version Today

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New Comma is an inspiring new platform that is geared towards helping young African creatives find a pathway into their respective creative industries. With a focus on native and diasporan African talent, the site will look to showcase their work, and empower African creatives with opportunities to earn and resources that will allow them to compete both locally and internationally. It is also a place for agencies and global industry leaders to mentor these trailblazers.

New Comma launched it’s Beta version today, and you can join the Waitlist to try it out now. Just go here.

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New Comma founders believe that for Africa’s creative scene to truly become the high value sector it deserves, it requires collaborative action, as well as intellectual and financial support.

Our goal is to create an ecosystem for African creatives to enhance the quality of the work they produce, while being in control of their own narrative on a platform that is made especially for them”. Natalie Narh, Co-Founder of New Comma.

With creativity becoming a pathway for more young people, New Comma is looking to benefit creatives in many ways, for example – 

  • Creating a free portfolio to showcase their work
  • The opportunity to meet other creatives working locally, or across the African diaspora 
  • Joining a linear mentorship scheme with industry leaders across the African continent and its diaspora
  • Gaining creative tips and insights from events tailored for an African audience
  • Finding gigs and other work opportunities
  • Aligning their skills with relevant requirements

New Comma is open to creatives, agencies, mentors and enthusiasts–people who don’t necessarily want to embark on a creative career, but enjoy navigating the scene.

Pioneers In The Ghanaian Creative Space Have Expressed Their Support For The New Platform

Daniel Ampofo, Founder of the creative hub Dex Ghana believes “One of the easiest ways to grow as a creative, is to belong to a community. It exposes you to a pool of resources and experiences that make your journey smoother if you were going alone. These are the possibilities New Comma will be creating for creative space – an avenue that fosters collaboration and support”.

Maxwell Adjavon, Employee One of iMullar & Convo Studio believes that; “Our time is now. We can’t achieve anything tangible by being lone wolves. What is becoming increasingly important now is having a sense of community, a bond that fosters development as a common goal. I believe in the new crop of African creatives and our hunger to create and curate our own narratives and I’m here for ALL THAT SMOKE.”

You can find New Comma on social media at:



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