5 Ways Your Perspective On Love Changes As You Grow Older

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If you really think about it, your relationships have really changed over the years. Look at the types of people you’ve dated since SHS, the things you required from the relationship and the things you tolerated all in the name of being in love. Here are 5 ways your perspective of relationships changes.

1. You realise love isn’t enough

The love is important alright but you look at other factors as well. Does your partner respect you? Do they listen to your opinions? Are they reliable? Can you trust them? Are they financially stable or trying to be? You realise that relationships are hard work and not just about telenovelas.

2. You don’t make the same mistakes

You try to learn from your mistakes and do better. The older you grow the wiser you get. You’ve learnt from your mistakes and so when you see certain actions and behaviours from potential partners that don’t match who you are, you leave immediately. You’re not perfect but you’re way better now.

3. You know your worth

You know who you are and what you bring to the table so you don’t tolerate any BS from anyone. Getting dumped or cheated on will hurt no matter the age but as you grow older, you realise that it’s better to be with someone who adores you and cannot even imagine doing anything to hurt you than stay in a relationship where you’re unhappy everyday.

4. You communicate better

Why? Because you’ve been here before and now more than ever, you know exactly what you want. You’re confident in your decisions and you’re able to express what you want better.

5. You’re not in a hurry

As you grow older you learn a lot about life in general. You learn that not everyone who shows a happy relationship on social media is happy in real life. You realise that it is better for you to be alone than to be in a relationship or even marriage with a serial cheat someone. You know your worth and you’ll stay single until you get someone who understands that.

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