Here’s How Your Hair Can Cause Acne On Your Face

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Maybe it hasn’t occurred to you yet but the hairstyle and hair products you put on your hair that eventually touch your face can cause Acne to your face. Your hair touches your face depending on the hairstyle and hair length. Simple mistakes with your hair can end up leaving you with acne on your face.

1. Leaving your hair down when you sleep

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You’ve applied butter and oils to your hair and so it’s not advisable to leave them so they touch your face. Constant contact with your face will end up causing acne. Hold your hair up in a loose ponytail or put it in a hair bonnet.

2. Product application technique

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If you have to spray product unto your hair, the chances of the product being on your face will be high so you can either cover your face while the spraying is being done or apply the product in your palms before applying it to your hair. The second method helps you control the amount of product being put in the hair and will definitely not land on your face.

3. Doing bangs

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Bangs sit directly on your forehead and so they constantly have access to your skin. The natural oils from your hair can actually irritate your skin and cause breakouts. Try to reduce the number of times you do this hairstyle.

4. Showering in the wrong order

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If you like to wash your hair in the bathroom, it’s advisable to wash the hair before you wash the rest of your body. This is to get all the hair products off your skin.

5. Using hair accessories often

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If you wear hair accessories like scarves and bandanas, make sure they’re not too tight and you wash them regularly to get rid of the sweat and oils as they’re capable of clogging pores, leading to acne near the hairline.

6. Skipping a shower after working out

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During a workout, you sweat a lot and this sweat is made up of buildup in your hair, oils and bacteria that all mix-up and slide down your face. Once you leave it to dry or even wipe it off without taking a shower, you’ll end up having breakouts. Try to take a bath after you work out.


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