7 Different Trendy Ways To Style Your Boots

Image via ___hosii and monique_selasei on instagram

We will be one of the first people to admit that sometimes, Ghanaian fashion trends can be very odd. Think about the time when everyone was wearing “boyfriend jackets” even when the sun was scorching or even the colour blocking period. Sometimes, it’s just “someway” but we will still hop on them regardless.

One fashion accessory trending now are ankle boots, specifically these ones.

Image of Boots via ___cookie_xx on Instagram

These boots are actually very versatile and can be worn with any and every outfit from normal dresses to leather pants. Most of your favourite influencers have been wearing them on the Gram and so we gathered a number of images of them in the different outfits for your viewing pleasure and also to give you inspiration if you plan on buying one of these boots for yourself.


Image via ___hosii on Instagram


Image via monique_selasei on instagram


Image via ___cookie_xx on Instagram


Image via ___hosii on Instagram


Image via eyram_xx on Instagram


Image via eyram_xx on Instagram


Image via ___hosii on Instagram

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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