Want To Get Your Workout On? Check Out These Quick Workout Exercises

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Do you ever get stuck on what workout to do? How to even start working out? Or better still, which workout guarantees quick results? You’ve probably had trouble figuring out what workout to do at one point and that is one of the biggest hurdles of working out at home. Knowing the end goal of your exercise is important. If you want to lose belly fat or slightly shape your hips or butt, these are some exercises that can be done even at night for a refreshing morning.

1. Jumping Jacks 20*3

It’s always a good idea to have some warmup exercises to set the mood for your workout. A few moves that are good for easing you into starting your workout. This helps your whole body get ready for what is coming next. And it makes other exercises more flexible and adaptable.

Push-Ups 20*3 (Reduce Arm Fat And Back Fat) 

This exercise helps strengthen your arms. It consists of standing parallel to a wall or lying on the floor then doing practice push-ups exercises by using your arms to pressure the surface. So with your arms standing or lying straight (check pic below), you push up and down.

Jump Burpees 10*3

It’s normal jumping, squatting and push ups, but all together to make a one hell of exercise. Standing on your feet, you squat down and jump. You land into a squat and then transition into a push up by putting your arms on the ground. It helps build, shape and strengthen hips, butts, arms, stomach and increases your cardio.

I totally guarantee this ūüėČ

Working Out Your Abs

For this goal, there are various easy exercises that have proven effective. Here are two of them.

The foot 2 foot 10*3

For this exercise you stay in an oblique position and touch your feet side by side. It tones your stomach and your side shape. It demands work but we all prefer exercise that serves multiple purposes right?

Crunches 10*3

They come in different types all for the same goals; the one I prefer is the abdominal crunch. In a relaxed position; lying on the floor, legs slightly folded in with your hands behind your head, you try to move up without moving your feet. This puts pressure on your stomach and you can feel the fat burning.

Standing Oblique Crunch 10*3

Standing, arms behind your head, raise your knee to touch your elbows on each side. It’s kind of difficult at first, but easy when you get the hang of it.

Sideways Stretch With Dumb Bells

Another easy and quick one is stretching on each side and trying to go down as possible much going only laterally to the side. It is done using Dumb Bells but you can try it without, or use any other heavy material (see the picture below).

Squat Jump On Chair 10*3

An exercise I just love! For us that do not have much backyard (butt) and hips, here‚Äôs how to build some. This exercise at first might seem hard but it’s really easy the second time around. It is done sitting on a chair or a 3-4cm surface where you sit and make sure your butt is squeezed out in a squatting position and you make jumps from that position, you jump straight and get back to your chair squatting in the squatting position. Jump straight; squat-sit.

Those are the exercises, an even though they might not be the easiest, they really help in getting the little bit of change you are looking for in order to go to that pool party, beach day and whatever else you have planned for. Make sure you sweat the night before by well doing the exercises and go to bed with that feeling of accomplishment.

Nighty night xx.

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