UG: Here’s What To Know Before You Enter Any Hall In The Diaspora As A Visitor

Image of one of the Diaspora Halls in the University of Ghana. Image by

1. Know the name of the person you are visiting 

Sometimes it is very sad and actually weird to know that some people do not even know who they are visiting.  This is very bad; I mean how can you do this to yourself? It is relevant to know whom you are visiting so you don’t encounter stress and difficulty in finding the person. It is also going to help you avoid nosy porters who take delight in stressing people who seem not to know their whereabouts.

2. Know the location of that individual in the hall.

Although knowing the name of the person is important, it does not end there. The person’s location provides certain details that would speed up the process. With this, you can boldly walk into the hall in search of that person without going to meet the porters.

Image of the porters lodge in the University of Ghana

3. Know the name of the place you are visiting. 

Not everyone who enters a hall is in search of a person. Some people go to buy food from their preferred vendors whilst others go to visit the basketball court, the tv room for church programmes or to watch football. Whatever it may be, it is imperative to know the name and where the place is sited. This way the porters would not have you return to where ever you came from.

4. Have your particulars with you.

Now people don’t really talk about this but it is a pressing matter. You should at least have any valid identification card, preferably, your student ID card when entering any hall in the diaspora. This is going prevent any inconvenience especially when the porters identify that you are not a member of the hall. If you are unfortunate, you may not be granted entry into the hall since you have no valid ID. This can really be stressful and annoying at the same time. 

Also, if you are visiting as a trader, just know that you don’t have to let the porters see you carrying your luggage into the hall. So you have the option of entering the hall first and making someone follow with your things later.

We hope these tips help you out.


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