7 Things People With Really Small Feet Can Relate With

If you’ve never really thought about the struggles people with smaller feet have, we want to bring your attention to it because even though really small feet are cute, they can be a pain to deal with. Here are 7 struggles these people deal with.


It’s actually really hard to get shoes you actually like in your size. When you finally get one, it’s very expensive but you have no choice than to buy it. As for sneakers, you’ll have to search and search before by some miracle, you get something that will fit your feet.

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If you don’t get your exact size but you absolutely need the shoes, you have to buy a size up and find tissue to put inside so when you wear it, it doesn’t fall off. The absolute ghetto.

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When someone with slightly bigger feet wear your shoes, you cannot wear it ever again. It is finished. You have to go back and look for new shoes to buy.

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With shoes/sandals that have straps, you’ll have to punch in an extra hole because the ones made by the factory will not fit your leg.

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If you’re a guy with this type of feet, you’ll have no rest. Everyday someone will come up with a new way to laugh at the size of your feet.

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Borrowing someone else’s shoe is not applicable to your case because more than half of the time, you’re surrounded by people who wear 2 or more sizes up. There’s no hope.

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For some reason, everyone thinks it’s “so fun” to always compare your feet with theirs. It gets old.

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Which of these did you relate more to?

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