6 Food Joints Around UPSA That You Should Visit At Least Once A Week

UPSA is choked with a lot of Restaurants and mini food joints; a variety that at times is so difficult to choose from and because of that, Team Kuulpeeps UPSA went out to explore all these places, so we help you know what to find and where to find it and at what time. At the end of each description, we rated each Restaurant out of 5 based on our own discretion.

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1. Homemade local Restaurant

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Homemade restaurant is a local food joint that serves most Ghanaian soups accompanied with its various carbohydrates meals like fufu, banku and TZ.

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Right opposite Homage there’s Homemade annex where rice, chips and fried rice is sold. Homemade restaurant works on Mondays – Saturdays from 7:00 am – 10:00pm. Homemade is located behind the UPSA campus, the 3rd street after the campus.

Homemade can be found on the car hailing services apps like Uber, bolt and Yango.

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Unfortunately, Homemade has no social media contact but you can call them on 050 787 6153. Out of a 5 rating, we give it 4/5 . Homemade has good food from the fufu to the potato chips.

2. Jodahut

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Jodahut is restaurant that specializes in local food like fufu, banku and omotuo, Continental foods like potato chips, fried rice, jollof rice and various sauces, and local drinks like palm wine, pito and sobolo.

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Jodahut is open each day from 9:30am – 10pm. It is located behind the UPSA campus 3rd street and next to Homemade restaurant.

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According to the public, Jodahut serves one of the best sobolo in the community. They also have a very comfortable sitting area with a typical Ghanaian village atmosphere. Contact Jodahut on 0247292940.

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Jodahut can be found on Instagram @joda_hut
We tried their palm wine and out of a rating 5 Jodahut gets a 3/5.

3. Birthday Bar and Grill

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Birthday Bar and Grill is a restaurant that gives their customers the best of grilled tilapia, fried pork and hot wings accompanied with banku, jollof and yam chips.

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Birthday sell pizza and a number of natural fresh juices to accompany their meals as well. Birthday is located on the Ayele stretch next to Heavens Gate Hostel and can be found on the transport apps as well.

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It’s opened from 10:00am – 12:00am. Their Social media handles on Facebook and Instagram is @birthdaybarngrill
Contact Birthday Bar and Grill on 024 447 7164 & 030 397 2875.

Birthday also wants to announce the soon opening of a bigger space right behind the older one. Birthday Bar and Grill with their food out of a rating of 5 will be given a 4/5.

4. Demasfy California kitchen

California is buffet dining that serves rice dishes, Banku and yam chips and ice cream as well. They are also into breakfast baskets and other packages and sell shawarmas too.

California is located on the first junction on your immediate right after the UPSA campus and on the same stretch as Access bank UPSA. California kitchen opens on Mondays – Sundays from 9:00am- 11:30pm. They can be found on Ig @demasfy_california_kitchen and you can contact them on 0552588925.

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We asked a number of UPSA students to rate this place out of 5 and this is what they had to say.

I rate Demasfy a 3/ 5, but I like their food and come here more often

Nana Yaw
I will give them a 3.5, their jollof is nice

I will give them a 4, their shawarma is nice and affordable

I will give them a 3, their food is okay.

5. Fatima Mamacita Restaurant

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Mamacita is a food joint best known for its Waakye, but aside that, sells jollof, white rice and TZ as well.

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They are located on the UPSA stretch, 1 minute away from the Ayele Junction. Mamacita is opened from 6:00am – 10pm Monday to Sunday. On Sundays, every meal purchase at Mamacita comes with a free drink.

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Mamacita has no social media handles but can be contacted on 0207138506
Out of a rating of 5 for their Waakye Mamacita gets a 3/5.

6. Party Maniac

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Party maniac is a bakery that deals in event planning, decorations, cake making and other handy foods for a party.

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Party Maniac also sells party stuff from balloons, candles, glitter, cups, party spoons. Party maniac can be found on the car hailing services apps and is located the stretch leading to Rawlings circle right after access bank.

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They’re on Instagram as @partymaniacgh & @partymaniacluxe and can be contacted on 0552395221 & 0207704890.
Out of a 5 rating the public gave the following.

They deserve a 5, their cakes are nice and how they decorate a party is nice. Look them Up on IG.

I will give them 4 because their decorations are nice, haven’t tried their cakes or anything edible yet.

Was your favorite spot in here? Let us know in the comments section.

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