5 Excuses You’ll Definitely Hear From A Cheating Man

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We tend to turn a blind eye to the cheating activities of our partners because we don’t want to believe it’s actually happening. We don’t want to feel inadequate or even wonder if we are the problem. We want to pretend that it’s not true and move on with our lives even though the excuses our partners give are telltale signs of the cheating. These excuses are generally told so the cheating can be rationalized. Believing these lies is not only common but also essential for a cheater. Here are 5 of them.

1. “You aren’t who you used to be

And this statement is him referring to you. A lot of men blame their infidelity on the fact that their women “became lazy and gained extra weight” meanwhile when they gain weight especially in the stomach area, they still expect that they’re treated like kings. Apart from weight gain, sometimes it’s about how your thought process has changed or how you’re way past certain things in life that they still do. At this point, you’re both not in the same head space.

2. “There’s no harm in just flirting”

Meanwhile you can see them take extra time to dress up, obviously trying to impress someone. Or they laugh a little too hard at a coworker’s joke. Or conversations with a female “friend” of theirs gets sexual and explicit but they would swear on their lives that it’s “just flirting” knowing very well that they’ve opened the gate for more things to be done.

3. “She’s just a friend”

This statement does nothing to calm your spirit but can make everything worse because everyone knows what can happen when 2 adults start talking to each other more and more and start to hang out more. If you used to tell your partner the things going on with you and now you’re confusing in someone else, while your partner is there wondering what she has done wrong, you’re already cheating.

4. “It’s just sex”

If any guy says this to you, pack your stuff and leave because, they don’t see anything wrong with what they’ve done and do not see it as a big deal. Plus, there’s no point in staying in a relationship that isn’t exclusive when you want an exclusive one.

5. “It happened just once”

It’s not even about the number of times it happened (okay, maybe just a little) but it’s mostly about the fact that you’re not remorseful and you expect that, your partner gets over it because, “it just happened once”.

Which of these have you heard before? Let us know in the comments section.

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