Switch Up Your Look With These Simple But Stylish Ways To Wear Your Slip Dresses

Slip dresses is a 90’s trend that came around late 2019 and has been sticking around ever since then.

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In our opinion, this dress type isn’t going anywhere and we actually recommend getting a black or white one as a basic staple in your wardrobe. If you’re wondering how else you can wear yours apart from pairing them in heels, here are 5 other ways.


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Get a complimentary oversized jacket and wear it over the dress. You can pair the look with chunky sandals as seen in the image above.


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Even though the dress is almost a bodycon one, you can use a belt around your waist and pair the look with black boot heels.


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You can ditch the belt and rather go for a black leather jacket. Instead of the boot heels, you can wear normal boots.


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If you’re not sure of where you’ll get a leather jacket, you can decide to go with a denim one. You can still go with your boots or switch it up to sneakers like the picture above.


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Get a white fitted tshirt and wear it under the dress. Pair the simple look with heels.

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