Here’s How To Ignore Your Friends Who Want Sallah Meat

For most of you, it is during this period that some of your “friends” hit you up trying to catch up about life and wanting to know how you’re doing but we all know that it’s because of meat. They want Sallah meat but it’s cool. We’ve found these foolproof ways to get rid of them.


Try to respond to texts every 2 hours. Why? So by the time they get to the “Ei when is my meat coming”, it will be in the evening and you can tell them they didn’t say it early. You’re welcome 😌


Don’t answer strange calls. Why? It may be your friends calling to ask if you’re home because for some reason, they were in your area and decided to pass by. Don’t fall for it.


Post on your social media platforms about how you’re going to be at your cousin’s all day and how you can’t wait to see them and celebrate with them even if you’re going to be at home. Why? So your friends will see it and think that you’re not home so they won’t even bother coming around if they know your house.


Post on your social media platforms especially your WhatsApp status about “fake friends” and how you’ve been receiving love recently from people who have never texted you just because they want meat to chew. Why? This will make those who are doing it feel bad and also makes sure that those who are now coming to do it to you move on to the next Muslim in their contact list. This point is “vawulent” but it’s necessary if it’s getting too much for you.


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