Blueband Gold Reenters Ghana And Our Hearts With The Biggest Virtual Cookout

AJ Sarpong with BlueBand Gold

After days of driving up nostalgic memories of our favorite childhood spread, Blueband Gold finally launched its rebrand and reentry into the hearts of happy customers with the biggest virtual cookout.

The event which took place on Instagram Live on Friday, July 16, saw participation from noted Ghanaian food influencers such as Mukase Chic, Zubaidah, Ekow Maclean, AJ Sarpong, and was hosted by Tatas Caritas.

Some of the delicious dishes that were prepared with the special ingredient of Blueband Gold included Yam chips and pork, mashed potatoes, pancakes and more.

image via Tatas Caritas.

Blueband Gold’s reentry into the markets is a welcome treat for the 90s kids who grew up enjoying this creamy, buttery spread as an accompaniment to their favorite foods.

Think of warm, fresh bread and the heavenly smell of Blueband lightly coating each slice. That is the delicious taste of nostalgia that has been brought back again with Blueband Gold.

For those who haven’t heard, Blueband Gold is still just as creamy, just as golden and has that rich buttery taste that takes your meals to a whole different level.

Whatever you plan to make in the kitchen; whether it’s to bake meat pies, cook your perfect Angwamo, make those smooth delish yam balls, Blueband Gold is your partner in delicious crime. And frankly, we are not complaining.



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