4 Things This Holiday Has Taught Us

Muslims around the world are celebrating the Eid al-Adha religious holiday, which, in Arabic, means the “festival of the sacrifice” and marks the end of Hajj, the five-day pilgrimage Muslims undertake to cleanse the soul of sins and instil a sense of equality and brotherhood.

We took a step back to think about the holidays and the stuff that happen during it and well, this is what we came up with.


We can work 4 days a week and the world will be fine. This week has just 4 working days and nobody is really going to suffer. People will be more rested and enthusiastic to go back to work the next day.


Sleep and peace of mind is underrated. It is when you start working that you truly understand the importance of these 2. The weekend is not enough to handle your personal businesses and rest. This extra day allows you to bask and just exist and block everyone out.


If you decide to go out on a holiday, anticipate that certain locations like the beach and some restaurants will be full of people since they also want to chill.


Majority of the time, people tend to wait for religious holidays like this before helping out the poor but it really shouldn’t be. We should try and help out whenever we can and not wait for special occasions.

What else have you learnt this holiday?

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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