What To Know If Your Partner Doesn’t Really Say “I Love You”

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Anytime we tell our partner that we love them, we expect that they say it in return. After all, if they do love us, it shouldn’t be hard for them to say right? The truth of the matter is that, not everyone is vocal about what they feel especially because of how some people were brought up.

Based on some research done on the topic, men are usually the first to say “I love you” but women are the ones who profess it more in the course of the relationship. Also, women are more likely to talk about their feelings as compared to men and so it kind of makes sense that ladies express how much they love their partners more.

If this situation is frustrating you, think more about your partner’s actions towards you. Do they show you in different ways how much they’re in love with you? Is the only problem the fact that they don’t say they love you as often as you want? Then maybe you should take a step back and look closely at what you’re dealing with. Don’t argue over something that shouldn’t really be an issue.

You can talk to your partner about it so they increase the number of times they say it so you feel better. You shouldn’t expect a “drastic change” but if your partner genuinely loves you, they’ll try to say it a little more often.

All in all, talk is cheap. Actions speak louder so make sure the actions and the professions tally.

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