8 Places In Accra Almost Everyone Has Taken Pictures At

There are certain places here in Accra that you may have not been to physically but when you see the images on your social media TL, you just know the location. Getting a unique background at your restaurant/bar has become one of the fastest ways to get people to pay attention to your brand because, the more people pose there and post the images, the more others want to visit the place and see it for themselves.

In our list, we are sure you’ve seen almost all these backdrops one way or another on social media. For some of them, you may not know the exact name of the places but we are here to give you all the information.

1. Capitol

Image via coupons.com.gh

Instagram models/influencers did not let blue double C sign rest when the place was opened. This was how you knew who was cool and who wasn’t. Who had money to go out to chill and who was broke.

2. AmPm

image via continenttours.com

Those bicycles have suffered! Every. Single. Person took pictures in front of them.

3. Telande

Another bicycle saga – but Telande’s was on the ground. Telande as a whole has a lot of picture worthy spots making it one of the best places to visit if you want pictures but for some reason, every single person wanted to stand by the bicycle.

4. Dimaensa

Image via gubadiaspora.com

The Dimaensa entrance became very popular especially on Instagram, when the place opened. It was perfect for them because the name was right there so if you wanted to get there, you just search for the name in google maps.

5. Bloombar

Image via rovess.com

Have you really been to Bloombar if you don’t have a picture in front of their neon sign? 👀

6. Bosphorus

The Bosphorus stairs are epic. Ladies love to take pictures on it especially because in the evenings, the stairs are lighted. The ground floor has a wide space for all your picture needs.

7. Vyn Yard

Image via naa_adjorkor_1

If you didn’t know this particular location but you’ve seen the white flowered artificial tree on the rooftop.

8. Rosé Garden

Image via zubaidah_x

You must have seen this very pink location on your Timeline very often 2 years ago. They came back this year with a changed look but the Pink is still going strong.

Which of these do you have a picture in front of?

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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