5 Things To Take Note Of When Invited To A Ghanaian Wedding

Image of Berla Mundi in a Sima Brew Wedding Gown. Source: @berlamundi

Ghanaians can be very particular about certain things when it comes to special events like weddings. If you make a mistake, they may not say it right to your face but the looks and stares alone will make you rethink your action. Here are some things to note down before going for a Ghanaian wedding.

1. Usually, the colours being used at the wedding is used to design the invitation card

If you see a wine and gold designed invitation card, it’s safe to assume that those are the colours of the wedding. If you have wedding appropriate outfits in those colours, you can wear them. Otherwise, wear any other coloured outfit you have.

2. Try as much as possible not to wear black

Ghanaians associate black to funerals and so you don’t want to be seen in that colour at a wedding. If you can handle all the stares and whispers, go ahead.

3. Going only for the reception is considered “some type of way”

It’s usually seen as, you went there only for food when it isn’t even so from your end. If at the end of the day, you can only make it to the reception, get a friend to secure space for you before you end up sitting at a table with strangers.

4. Don’t wear very exposing outfits

Especially if you’re going to the church otherwise you’ll feel very uncomfortable since people will stare even when they see you looking back at them. Try to dress decently.

5. Be an entertaining guest

If you can dance and they’re calling people to dance, get you and show your skills. If the bride and groom are doing something, give them “fans”. Engage with the MC. Be a part of the reason why they’ll look back at their event and smile.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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