Here’s How To Maintain The Curls In Your Twist Outs

Twist outs are perfect for any occasion and because of its versatility, a lot of natural girls rely on this style if they have a big day coming up. The only problem a lot of people have is how to make the style last longer since sometimes, the definition found in day 1 disappears by day 3.

The first thing to know about retaining this style is to be sure of the technique you’re using. Make sure you’re twisting on damp hair and with a gel and mousse and lastly, make sure the twists you make aren’t too big.

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Now that you’re done with the twists, you need to set it with heat. A lot of people are afraid that heat will spoil their hair but with this, you’re going to sit under a dryer. Heat from the dryer is indirect heat and doesn’t harm your hair and so there’s no need for heat protectant. Setting it this way instead of air drying ensures that your curls stay longer.

Once you’ve unraveled the twists and you want to sleep, you can use a scrunchie to hold a pony and cover it with a satin scarf or after holding the pony, you bun your hair and use a satin scarf to hold the hair in place. You can also re-twist in larger sections without messing up the curls and unravel it in the morning. When you do the re-twisting, don’t forget to put your hair in a satin scarf.

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In all of this, try as much as possible not to spritz water into your hair. The more you add water, the more you lose the definition in your hair.


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