Only 90s Kids Can Relate With These 6 Experiences

90s kids will always have a special bond because of our experiences. We’ve all loved our lives separately but when we come online to talk about our experiences, we realize that it’s all the same.

Our parents really must have a Facebook group where they discussed how to take care of us because there are certain things we can all relate with. Here are some of them.

1. Making sure whatever you buy was put in a polythene bag before bringing it home

Black polythene bag

Why? Apparently it’s because some people are witches and once they see what you’re holding, especially good, they’ll put witchcraft in it. Also, you don’t want the whole area to know that you’ve gone to buy beer for your parents. If you know that the people you’re buying from won’t give you a “rubber bag”, you need to carry one from home so they put whatever you’re buying in it.

2. Losing money given to you to buy something equals death


Once you realise what you’ve lost, you would have to retrace your steps to the shop you went to get the item from while looking for the money on the ground. You need to pray that someone didn’t see it and assume that it was God dashing them money. If you don’t find it, you just need to accept that it is what it is and take your beatings in good faith.

3. You have to convince the shopkeeper to change the item you bought otherwise, beatings

Especially if it was your fault for not listening. There are certain items that you know deep within your heart that the person won’t take back like bread they cut for you but you still have to go and try your luck. If they don’t accept, you start crying before you reach home.

4. You can never change channels when with grownups

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You’re even lucky they’ve allowed you sit with them and now you want to change the channel? Are you the one who bought the TV? Is the house for you? Or do you pay electricity bills? You just don’t respect. You only change the channel when they aren’t around or they’re asleep.

5. Breaking plates and glasses equals death

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Immediately it happens just start crying and sweeping because they’ve already heard the item break. When you finish throwing the shards of glass away, prepare yourself for beatings.

6. Before you respond to an Aunty asking you if you’ll eat anything, you have to look at your mum first

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Sometimes they’ll give a slight nod but other times, they’ll shake their heads. You don’t know what they’ll say so you always need to look at their faces from the corner of your eyes before you respond. If you don’t, once you get home, beatings follow. Abi you want to behave like they don’t feed you at home?

Lmao! Which of these can you relate with? Let us know in the comments section.


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