Online Resources To Help You Get Better Grades This Semester

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Getting better grades, as much as most of us would wish it, is about more than just making a resolution and having a positive attitude. No, it actually takes some work. The good news though is that there are several tools and resources online that are designed to make that work easier for you. Here’s a look at some of them.


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Notion is an all-in-one productivity tool that’s available across all your devices (both Android and iOS; Windows and Mac). With Notion, you can take notes that will end up snyced everywhere, you can set up a calendar or study schedule, and you can even save important articles that you want to come back to later.


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eNotes is perfect if you have a lot of assigned reading to get through. While it’s not a substitute for doing the actual reading, it summarizes books that you might have on your reading list in a way that is faster to digest. If you’re overwhelmed by your reading list, you definitely want to check out eNotes.


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Just because text books are unbelievably expensive, you can use this free online resource instead. Visiting will allow you to get the textbooks that you’re going to need for the semester at well, no cost at all.



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