5 Relationship Problems That Will Only Get Worse With Time

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It’s hard to spot issues with your relationship when you’re in love and in most cases, you look past the red flags that are usually glaring at you in the face. The reality of the situation is that some of these red flags will only end up being worse. They aren’t things you’ll be able to look pass once the honeymoon phase of your relationship is over. Here are some of them.

1. Communication and Comprehension are poor

If you don’t communicate at least once a day, are you really in a relationship? You don’t chat with each other and when you do, it usually ends in arguments because one person doesn’t seem to understand the other person. It’s hard for one person to put themselves in the other’s shoes and understand what they’re saying. If both of you are unwilling to listen, understand and adapt to each other, it’s only going to get worse.

2. Your partner is controlling

It’s sometimes hard to catch this in the beginning because people like to put their best foot forward but you see it in little things. They want to pick the movie you both should watch even if you don’t want to, they always want to know where you’re going and dictate to you whether or not you should go, they try to control what you post on your own social media outside the relationship and always want you to do what they want. You don’t really matter. It will only get worse.

3. Different approaches to money and spending

Money is one of the major reasons why couples fight and so if you both have very different approaches to spending money, then it’s going to be a problem because if you plan on living together eventually, it will affect the relationship. If you both aren’t willing to change habits and adapt, this money situation will just get worse.

4. No sexual chemistry

A lot of people pretend like this isn’t such a big deal but it actually is. No sexual chemistry usually results in cheating and a breakup at the end of the day. In the beginning of the relationship when sexual incompatibility is noticed, it’s easy to compromise but once it keeps going on, sexual frustration builds up and it ends up recking the relationship.

5. Partners who “fight dirty”

Every couple argue but you need to know your limits. You don’t just say anything to hurt your partner. You don’t bring up past offenses they apologized for and you even forgave. You don’t insult or call them names. If your partner goes below the belt in every single argument you have, it will only get worse because they know all they need to do is to apologize and everything will be good.

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