If Any Of These Feelings Describe You, You’re Definitely Not A Monday Person

No matter how much you love school or your job, Mondays can be a bit of a struggle. If these describe you, you’re definitely not a Monday person.

1. Your face at 5pm every Sunday because it’s basically Monday

Nigerian movie meme

2. This is you when you wake up on a Monday morning.

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3. You’re always looking at the calendar, trying to determine when the next holiday is.

4. You can’t count the number of times you’ve yawned at work and it’s just 10am. You didn’t stay up late the previous night too.

5. You’re always annoyed at your coworkers on Mondays. They haven’t done anything wrong. You just don’t get why they’re lively and want to talk to you.

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6. You’re trying hard to concentrate on work but it’s not working. You just feel so slow.


7. You’re already thinking of the day being over.

8. Instead of focusing on work, you’re reading this article.

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