How To Know When You’re Being Catfished

Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels

If you don’t know what catfishing is, then the first thing that you need to know is that it’s even weirder than it sounds. It’s when someone creates a fake account in order to start a romantic relationship with someone else, usually as a prank. Basically, it’s the situation where you’ve been talking to Joan on Twitter for over a month, and then find out that it’s actually a guy behind the account. Here’s how to spot a catfish and avoid a very uncomfortable situation.

They Won’t Tell You How They Got Your Number

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

If a strange person texts you on WhatsApp and their dp is a very attractive guy/girl, you should be wary. You know for sure it’s a catfish when they won’t answer the question “how did you get my number?” directly.

They Can’t Talk Over The Phone

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

A lot of us these days, prefer texting over phone calls. But it’s definitely weirds when the person that you’re talking to keeps making excuses every time that you want to talk over the phone.

They Are Extremely Romantic Right Away

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

First of all, if you’re a guy and this happens then you should know that something is up, because we all know Ghanaian girls don’t move like this. It’s also important that you avoid sending nudes to people that you haven’t met in person because they might try and blackmail you with those photos.

They Ask For Money

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

Although people catfish for different reasons (sometimes even just as a joke) there are people who will try to make some money by asking a gullible person (you in this case) for it. When someone you just started talking to asks you for money, then you need to consider the possibility that you’re being catfished.



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