How To Avoid Giving In To The ‘Hoe Phase’ After A Breakup

It’s very easy to get lost in your own feelings after a breakup and no matter how “mature” you try to handle the breakup, you still feel terrible. For a lot of people, they deal with breakups by entering a hoe phase. It’s quite normal to have this phase one period in your adult life but it shouldn’t be a regular thing. Here are 4 ways to avoid entering a hoe phase.

1. Get a new goal

It can be anything; losing or gaining weight, doing better at your job, learning how to cook certain meals. Just do anything that will help keep your mind off how empty you feel so you don’t end up rushing into someone’s arms.

2. Get an accountability partner

Preferably someone of the same sex so you’re not tempted to do anything silly. You tell this person when you feel tempted to go see someone or start something with someone via text. Their job is to drag you back to reality and help you know if it’s worth it. They have to keep it real with you so you know how bad you’re going to mess up if you decide to satisfy your impulse.

3. Stay sober

Apart from staying away from alcohol, don’t do drugs too like weed, since they have the ability to make you horny. If you must drink, it has to be regulated. Even when you do drink, make sure you’re with your friends so they can stop you when you drink too much and can stop you from drunk texting or calling someone.

4. Get a sex toy

The whole point of a hoe phase is to sleep around but you can keep your reputation and your body count intact by satisfying whatever needs you have with a sex you. After using it, there’s a good chance that you’ll change your mind about going over to whoever’s place.


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