These Keywords Will Help You Find What You’re Looking For Every Time You Open Google

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Have you ever been in a situation where you’re looking for a bit of trivia on the internet, or you just a need a different explanation for something in your slides? Well, usually the first thing that you’re goin to do is grab your phone and open the Google search. However, sometimes you spend minutes searching and trying different expressions and still none of the answers seem to be what you’re looking for.

Well, here’s the perfect remedy for that. Use these hacks to find exactly what you’re looking for every single time.

Use Quotes To Find Exact Matches

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Putting your search phrase in quotes will only return articles with exactly what you’ve typed. For instance, if you searched for “how to bake cake” the only answers you would get are answers that have that exact phrase in that exact order.

You definitely should use this carefully though, because if the sentence between your quotes is too long, or unusual, your search might end up returning no results at all.


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When you’re looking for results that contain two different search terms, AND is the way you want to go. For example, searching for cars AND boats will only show you results that contain the word cars and the word boats simultaneously.

Use OR

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OR is similar to the AND keyword, the only difference being that instead of showing results with both search terms, OR will show you results with one. For example, searching for how to bake a (vanilla OR chocolate) cake will show you results on baking a vanilla cake exclusively and results on baking a chocolate cake exclusively.

Use filetype:pdf

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We all know how infuriating it can be trying to find a pdf, and epub or some other file type. Using the filetype: modifier, followed by the file type that you want will only show you results that are that file type. For example, Economics 101 filetype:pdf will only return results that are pdfs.



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