Here’s What To Know As A Beginner For Crocheting

You want to learn how to crochet but you don’t know what to do or where to start from ? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

What is crocheting? Okay, people normally think crochet is the same as knitting but they’ve got some differences, crochet is done with one hook and is a process by which yarn or thread and a single hook of any size can be used to make fabric, lace, garments, toys, hats, bags . Crochet as we say in the English Language is derived from the French word croche, which literally means hook.

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These are the must have for beginners; crochet hook (this can be a 4mm hook for a beginner), yarn (acrylic yarn), scissors (to cut excess yarn), measuring tape and a stitch marker (the stitch marker is an item used to distinguish important locations on a work in progress).

As a beginner, your stitches might not be too tight when crocheting (you’ll have loose tension) but don’t worry, as you keep on practicing you’ll be perfect and finding a perfect way to hold your hook will help make your stitches tighter. Remember, everyone one has ways of holding their hooks, basically, there are two ways of holding hooks which are; holding your hook like how you hold a knife and holding a hook like how you hold a pen, so you choose what you’ll be comfortable with and work with it. Doing all these, your stitches will look tighter which will make your crochet piece very neat and catchy.

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You need to know the basic types of crochet stitches that is; single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, half treble crochet and treble crochet. Getting to know how to read crochet patterns is very important and understanding abbreviations of crochet stitches such as; dc (double crochet), ch (chain), st (stitch), sc (single crochet), sl st(slip stitch) etc will help you work on most crochet patterns.

Last but not least, watch a lot of YouTube videos on crocheting and to be a crocheter you need to be determined and patient. Thank you!


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