Which Of These 5 Types Of Students In UPSA Are You?

Stock photo of a student. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

1. Book worms

These type of students are always in class, sitting at the front seat. If not in class, they can be found in the library. The book worms can be pretty annoying in class because they answer each question thrown and always prepared for an impromptu test. Book worms match up to the front to sit even when they are late.

2. The Noise makers

These students are always passing silly comments in class, overhyping their friends and laughing loudly at the least things both in and out of class. They are noisy so their absence are mostly noticed. They are the students lecturers look out for as well.

3. The slayers

The slayers are basically those students who show off their new gadgets, cars, bags, and outfits. These students sometimes wear clothes that can even be worn to the club or on a date. Their outfits are fire each and everyday.

4. The Friday slayers

These students dress normally till it’s Friday. They kill their Friday outfits and it’s more of an Instagram day for them. They take pictures and post them. Sometimes you can tell they planned their outfits as they appear in class with coordinated clothes.

5. The camera freaks

The camera freaks are always seen taking pictures at with the fountain area or the new auditorium sometimes even on the car park. These students are always ready for pictures and so they make sure they’re always looking and feeling good.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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