5 Lies That Can Get You Out Of Any Weekend Plans

There’s nothing better than your friends calling to cancel plans they had set out for the day when you were thinking of ways to get out of it yourself. What becomes a problem is when they don’t call to say anything and you have to come up with things to say to get out of going but we’ve got you! Here are 5 lies you can tell to get out of going anywhere.

1. Family issues


You can go nuts with this lie. You can say your parents don’t want you to go out or you have to babysit your siblings since no one is at home. If you live alone you can say your parents randomly popped up or said they’ll be coming over to your end.

2. You forgot

You totally forgot and you set other plans on that same day and at that time and it’s important for you to be there.

3. You were asleep

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Yup! Just sleep and wake up later to tell them you forgot and you slept. By then it would be too late to go. You can also decide not to sleep and watch movies or do whatever except post anything online or open their chats or answer their calls. After hours, you can tell them you were asleep.

4. You have to work

Let them know your job is making you put in extra time and effort into a project and so you can’t make it.

5. You’re sick

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The most common one of them. Let them know the day before that you’re coming down with something and so you can’t make it so it seems more legit. You’re welcome 🌚

Which of these have you used before? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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