Mental Help Tips We All Need In Our Lives

When you tell someone I’m not feeling good, their answer is most at times some thing like: “oh, you’ll be better” and “it’ll pass”. Others will end up dismissing you saying something to the point of “it’s nothing, you are dramatizing things.” The fuck? I’m dramatizing? In Africa, mental health issues aren’t taken seriously enough. We all at a point in life feel mentally ill; and it might be due to a personal problem, family, friends, news or anything else that can cause one to feel to their lowest. This isn’t seen as a sickness, not yet. And that means that a mental state that could worsen. No worries! Your mental health is quite important to me!

When To Know Your Mental Health Is At Risk 

Sadness, Not Feeling It

This is part of the first symptoms of mental trouble. You don’t just get sad overnight; but when you do, there’s definitely a valid reason behind it. 


Unlike sadness, depression is deeper. It’s a form of constant sadness and loss of interest. Basically, nothing gets to you and you’re always down.

Confused Thinking & Inability To Focus 

When you just can’t concentrate any more, always having mixed thoughts which make you unable to focus, something is the matter. 

Excessive Fear, Worrying And Feelings Of Guilt

Unfortunately, this is a symptom of mental health disorder. You are being eaten from the inside out. No peace of mind and you’re always on your guard leading to delusions, anxiety and paranoias. 

Loss Of Desires

When I say desire here, I mean anything you liked to do prior to your present state of mind. It takes into account your desire to eat, your sex drive, and all you previously desired and enjoyed. Losing your desires is a warning.

Extreme Changes In Mood

Oh yes, my moody folks! We take this as normal most times but being moody is not something to be overlooked. Sometimes you see someone and they’re happy and then the next they’re so mad. Uh, what did I miss? Nothing physical but psychological #kaynewest. In Africa, most of our folks do have bipolar disorder but don’t want to admit.

Violence And Excessive Anger

You might think, “oh no I’m just not in the mood, I’m just mad” meanwhile there’s a reason to your excessive anger and violent behavior but you don’t want to accept it. 


Those symptoms are real, and when not taken solemnly, they worsen leading to drugs abuse, major depression, self-harm, excessive violence and suicide.

Here’s What To Do 

Talk To Someone

“Lol, who?” Good question! I propose someone you don’t know. “Um, what?” Yes, do that. Talking to someone who doesn’t know you that much and isn’t in your environment but can be a go to person and is more of a listener than your friends, can end up being a better experience in general. In case there’s no one that you can talk to (parents, BFF), talk to someone that doesn’t know you. That way you are sure the person will talk sense into you, rather than a friend that worries about how you might feel; an acquaintance is neutral. 

Try Hard To Get Your Mind Off It

It sounds silly in circumstance of mental difficulties, but it might help! Even if it takes shouting and crying as much as possible, do so! Release the pain and try finding new interests, scheduling your time, and staying healthy. Do not harm yourself over an issue that won’t matter in 5years; you are strong! Take good care of yourself.

Accept Help From Loved Ones 

People around you might be willing to help, but because you yourself do not want to believe there’s something wrong you, reject them all, which is wrong. You are loved and the only way you can happily get over that mental state is by allowing your loved ones to help. 

Know Yourself

“How else should I know myself?” Let me clarify a bit, we never finish learning about ourselves. So study yourself, learn your worth, your likes and your dislikes. Do what you want, do you; it isn’t being egocentric or narcissist it’s putting yourself first in life to live according to your needs.

Contact A Doctor

To some ends, the best solution is medical needs. Frequently check your health status with your health care, your issue might be a health problem or a symptom of a medical condition. 

Ps: better to have one experienced in mental health care.

Frequently communicate with your healthcare professional or a psychologist to learn the deep reason for your health being in such a state and follow the journey throughout to feel better again.

Remember, you first! 

You are loved!



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