Legon’s Vandals Highlight #FixTheCountry In Their Hall Week Celebration

The Balme Library, University Of Ghana

One of the strongest associations at the university level of education is one’s hall of residence.

There is a sense of comradery that comes with belonging to a certain hall.

When that hall also decides to champion a certain cause, it comes with the full weight and might of the members of the hall, sometimes even including alumni.

The Vandals of UG’s Common wealth Hall will be celebrating their hall week this weekend and it is not lost on anyone the significance of their theme.

Owing to the current mood of young people in the country, the Vandals have decided to make their voices to be heard.

The Vandals are focusing on how to harness the voice of academia to support the achievement of fixing the country.

As part of the many COVID-19 conscious activities earmarked for this weekend, the Vandals will be holding a seminar on the issue.

The full Vandals programme outline.

After the police have repeatedly prevented young people from demonstrating, young people including students, are finding alternative means to make their voices heard.


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