Why The Orgasm Gap Exists And How You Can Help Close It

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There has always been the tendency for men to “get off” more than women and this has been going on for quite a while. In 100 heterosexual men, 95 of them regularly reach an orgasm while in a 100 heterosexual women, just 60 of them reach orgasms.

Research indicates that, if you are in an established committed relationship, the gap tends to close as your partner pays more attention to your needs and responses to their touch but the gap widens during casual sex because nobody really cares about the other person and the men just want to cum.

When you really think about it, the media especially pornography, has played a huge role in imprinting in the minds of all of us, how sex “should” be done. Majority of the time, there’s more focus on penetration instead of foreplay meanwhile, when done right, majority of women climax through foreplay.

Also, there has been a lot of talk around the G-spot and so a lot of men think hitting that is better, more ideal, the right way when in actual fact, the vast majority of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. When the clit is engaged and aroused, penetration can feel amazing, but when it’s not aroused, it can feel really uncomfortable.

Men should understand that sex isn’t just about penetration. It involves all the other things you do before the penetration and so they shouldn’t be caught up with how long the penetrative act lasts. Be more conscious about how your lady is enjoying the act.

Ladies, if you want to be able to cum, you’ll have to relax yourself and stay in the moment. It’s easy for your mind to wonder around but you need to anchor it to what’s going on now and focus on how you feel.

If you like it when he does something, tell him to keep doing it. If you want a particular act to be done on you, let him know. And most importantly, don’t make men think they made you cum when you didn’t.

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