SarkNatives Are Not Letting The Nasty C ‘Best Rapper’ Arguement Go

Sarkodie. Photo credit: Sarkodie/Instagram

With Sarkodie getting ready to release his ‘No Pressure’ studio album, the Sarknatives and Sarkoholics have happened their claws and canines ready to go after anyone who remotely tries to shade him.

To them Sarkodie is the best rapper on the continent and any mention of ‘best rapper’ that does not honour Sarkodie is an attack on Sarkodie.

Sarkodie’s fans have been rumbling on for days now after a video of Burna Boy surfaced on the internet.

In the video, Burna Boy was talking up Nasty C and he claimed that Nasty C can go toe to toe with any American rapper.

For the Sarknatives, the fact that Sarkodie’s name was not mentioned was an afront and they believed Burna Boy should have mentioned Sarkodie instead of Nasty C.

Since then they have been going on and on about how Sarkodie is the best on the continent even to the extent of pulling out receipts of Nasty C himself seemingly acknowledging that Sarkodie is his better.

Anyway, ‘No Pressure’ will be released on July 30. Get ready to update your playlist.


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