5 Telltale Signs That He’s Just Not Into You

Majority of the time, when ladies like a guy, they tend to be oblivious to all the red flags or signs that, the guy is just not into them. If the feeling was mutual, you won’t find yourself doing the absolute most for a crumb of attention or even respect. If he does these things, it’s proof that he’s just not into you.

1. He flirts with other people in front of you

That’s just plain disrespectful. This shows he isn’t invested in the relationship as you are. If you talk to him about it and he trivializes it and continues to do it even though it obviously bothers you, you know he just doesn’t care.

2. He doesn’t initiate contact

You’re always the one who texts first asking about how he’s doing and how his day went. Sometimes it feels like you’re worrying him because when you text, it takes him hours to respond and when he does, it’s just single worded responses.

3. He doesn’t care what you do with other guys

If it was the other way round, if you saw him with another woman, you would be jealous and angry because you care about him and want him for yourself. If he doesn’t care that you’re out late with someone else or going for lunch dates with other guys and basically doing stuff with other people apart from him, chances are, you’re in a friends with benefits situation except, you didn’t know.

4. He actively avoids you

Every time you suggest that you meet up somewhere, he tells you he isn’t available. When you call, he doesn’t answer. When you text him, he responds 24 hrs after. You should read the room and know that he really isn’t into you.

5. He doesn’t open up to you

Guys take their time to open up fully but when they like you, every time you spend sometime with each other, he’ll show you a peek behind his curtains. If this person isn’t interested in you knowing more about him then maybe it’s time to move on and find someone else.

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