5 Stressful Moments In The Life Of A Young Ghanaian

No one fully understands and anticipates the struggles of adulting until we really enter the adulting itself. Here are some stressful times almost everyone goes through as a young Ghanaian.

1. Trying to find a good company to accept you for NSS

This gets harder especially if you never really had an internship or made connections while in school. Also, you need to be sure that there’s a higher percentage of you being retained wherever you’re going.

2. Struggling with your service posting

After all the stress you went through, sometimes you end up being thrown somewhere else in Ghana where you know no one and have no idea as to how you’re going to get a place and survive. In some cases, when you go to the place given to you, they tell you they don’t need service personnel and so you have to go back for reposting.

3. Not having a job

There’s no way to explain the way psychological stress people without jobs go through. The daily applications sent out without getting any feedback, knowing you may need to intern somewhere just so you get more experience but thinking of where you’ll even get money for your transportation and feeding and seeing your mates doing well for themselves while you’re stuck at home can be very jarring.

4. Paying bills with one source of income

In the current Ghanaian economy where the cost of everything has gone up except for salaries, it is possible to constantly be broke. Saving is a luxury a lot of the youth can’t even afford. If you don’t find time for a side business, you’ll always struggle with money even though you work very hard.

5. Losing your phone and wallet

Nowadays, it’s phones that are being used to run a lot of businesses and so once you lose that, you run at a risk of losing your social media accounts that you use to work. Also, you’ve lost an asset and you would have to look for Monet to get another one. With your wallet/purse, they usually contain all IDs, bank cards and money. Once you lose it, you would have to spend your day cancelling your cards with the banks.

Which of these situations have you been caught in? Let us know in the comments section.

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