There Is Nothing Stronger Than Family. Period! These Vin Diesel Memes Prove It

Vin Diesel. Photo credit: Getty Images

If there is one thing that has stayed consistent throughout the long long reign of the Fast and Furious franchise, apart from the physics-defying car stunts, it’s the theme of family. As long as it’s a Fast and Furious movie, family will prevail. And we will be right here to make fun at a trope that has now carried over into 10 movies (counting Hobbs and Shaw).

Let’s Start Off Light

You Definitely Haven’t Seen This One

Who Needs Avengers When You Have Family

The Only Cross-Over We Need In Our Lives

The Volturi Ain’t Got Shit On Family. And That’s Cannon

Not. As. Strong. As. Family.

Hear Me Out. Snap Never Would Have Happened



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