Lilian Blankson: 8 Facts About The Former Ghanaian BET Programmes Director

Lilian Blankson

Lilian Blankson, a Ghanaian-American entertainment specialist, is known for being very influential in promoting African entertainment to the western audience.

During her time at BET Network, she contributed to the recognition of African artists at BET Awards, including the creation of the BET International Act category on the BET Awards.

She reportedly died on Sunday, July 4 2021.

Here are 8 facts you should know about Lilian Blankson:

1. She is an alumnus of Queens College

Lilian Blankson obtained a bachelor’s degree in English and Pre-Law from Queens College, City University of New York in 1988. She later obtained a master’s degree in Literature and Creative Writing in 2000.

She also served as an Adjunct Professor of English, African Studies & Social Studies at Queens College.

2. She worked at BET for 16 years

At BET Network, Lilian Blankson occupied top positions such as Senior Manager of Network Specials, Director of Programming & Production and Clearance Analyst.

3. She designed and managed BET’s top shows

Lilian Blankson managed all of BET’s Specials and Awards Shows for 8 years. The shows included, BET’s 25th Anniversary, The BET Awards, Celebration of Gospel, Rip The Runway, Comedy Awards, Walk of Fame, Spring Bling, and the Hip Hop Awards.

4. She was passionate about showcasing African talents to the world

Lilian Blankson’s passion for many years has been to bring exposure to African entertainment by showcasing their talent to the western audience. She accomplished many milestones such as producing and directing the first African cypher, the first all-female African cypher, aiding with the execution of the first BET International Act category on the BET Awards and creating original African programming for the network.

5. She was a seasoned writer and producer

In 2007, Lilian Blankson served as an acting Executive Producer for Celebration of Gospel which won an NAACP Image Award. Additionally, in February of 2008, she wrote and co-produced the entire promotional campaign for BET’s Black History Month.

6. She was experienced in Music Publishing and Copyrighting

This area of expertise enabled Lilian Blankson to provide invaluable information about the legalities surrounding royalties, copyright infringement and publishing in the music industry in the US.

7. She set up her own record label after leaving BET

Lilian Blankson set up a record label called LNB Entertainment, through which she oversaw and managed the solo career of Nigerian superstar, Wondaboy. She also created and designed African concerts and music specials.

8. She was also an author

Lilian Blankson wrote and published her first book: Rain Love Poetry & Portraits in 2010. She followed it up with a book of African Short Stories: Awaiting Fate & Other Talking Texts.


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