How To Achieve A Sleek Ponytail With Natural Hair

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Ponytails are the best go-to hairstyles for any occasion. They are simple to do once you get to know how to do it to get perfect results. They get you looking stylish without doing anything extra. Here’s how to achieve a very sleek ponytail with your natural hair.

Tools/Products Needed

1. Styling gel

2. Mousse

3. Hairbrush

4. Detangling brush

5. Hairbands


1. Wash your hair

Ponytails don’t get very sleek on “old hair” due to buildup. Wash your hair and scalp before anything.

2. Detangle and stretch your hair

Firstly, right after washing your hair, you may be dealing with shrinkage. Stretching out your hair ensures that you get a nice full ponytail without struggling. Also, for a super sleek ponytail with no bumps, you always want to blow dry your hair from the root straight back in the direction of where the ponytail is going to ensure it lays properly.

3. Part your hair and slick it down in sections

Decide the type of part you want; left side part, right side part or middle part and go with it. Divide your hair into smaller sections, starting from the nape of your neck and apply gel to them and slick it down with your hairbrush. Repeat this until you get closer to the parting in front. The hair in front, next to the partings should be divided into even smaller sections and slicked down gently.

4. Lay your edges (optional)

Not everyone likes to worry with edges but if you want to get you edges snatched, this would be the time to do that. Slick them down with a toothbrush or edge brush.

5. Add extra hair for ponytail

If you don’t want to leave your natural hair out, braid it and get your ponytail clip ins or hair to wrap around the braided part. Make sure you hide your natural hair well enough so no one sees it poking through the hair. Use hair pins for extra support.

6. Use mousse

Use mousse on the gelled part and tightly cover it with a scarf for about 20 minutes to make sure the hair stays in place.


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