How Ghana’s Spiritual Food ‘Etor’ Became The Talk Of Twitter

Etor. Photo credit: @McObeds/Twitter

Ghanaians love to crack jokes and have fun with anything and about anything.

We have created jokes about wars, politics and many other subjects areas that would normally not make for a good lighthearted joke.

Now, our food is in the firing line.

Yesterday, a Ghanaian on Twitter, Ama Burland posted about how disappointed she was when she got a burnt Tilapia to go with the GHS 90 ‘etor’ she ordered.

“Etor” is a local Ghanaian dish that is basically either mashed yam or plantain mixed with seasoned palm oil. It is mostly served with boiled egg and roasted peanuts.

‘Etor’ is a special dish often enjoyed on a special occasion such as a birthday.

It doesn’t mean you can’t eat it on any other day.

Ama choosing to eat Etor was her just being the Ghanaian she is, but it was the cost of the food and the fish it was served with that got a lot of people to react online.

Since her tweet went viral, a lot of people have expressed how shocked they were that Etor was being sold for such an amount.

Others also brought out their humour and joked about the whole situation.

Do you eat etor on the regular though or you prefer special days?


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