Here’s Why Relationships Don’t Last In University

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Ever wondered why relationships don’t last in college? I totally wondered! In high school we promise that forever kind of love but once we get to Uni, love goes away just like the ground being pulled from underneath us. Right here, I’ll enlighten you on the reasons and add in some extra tips to keep your forever relationship goals a reality.

Changes In Mentality

Hooray, it’s College! First of all, congrats you’ve made it to college! This is the place where we’re supposed to grow, right? Changes in mentality; we discover new ways to live, we meet a bunch of different people with different mindsets, we learn from new experiences and college is also the place where we are eager to try new things out because we are not grown adults. So how can a relationship last? Um, I see no way..


True that freshly in a relationship, cheating seems impossible. But this is college. Remember the realities. So yeah, it becomes like a normal thing. How can a relationship last when there’s cheating? Hm, it becomes a joke, or open love story? Either way, it’s one of the main reasons for break ups.

Long Distance

All love stories suck when it comes to one partner or both studying in different regions and this is something I definitely don’t want to experience. Young people tend to believe, which is good for a relationship to work out. But not being able to see booboo, fighting the cheating evil and handling a relationship through the phone turns out to be harder than most expect, leading to separation. Huggies to those who made it!

Lost Causes

Unfortunately, many relationships become a lost cause when it comes to Uni. No understanding, frequent fighting, a mister or miss behind the scene or just not feeling it any more. And just like that, the cutest of couples in high school becomes “hey,” “hi” after a great breakup. Break ups that end becoming “strangers” are some of the hard ones. Hmm, as Pascal Blaise said, “the heart has its reasons that reason ignores.”

3-4 Years Of Total Liberty

Whaaaat? No curfew? 0 obligations? 24/7 parties? For real?

Yes, yes, yes and yes. You’ve got it all right, college is basically a “do you bubble,” where you manage your time accordingly to your plans. Ladies and guys do not want to miss out on all the fun in those years. In the beginning they manage, but as time goes on, the relationship becomes a much heavier weight than even studying. As I always say, “let’s hoe while we are young” *hihi, and uni happens to be exactly the right place to fool.

Ps: fool wisely

Different Plans

Sad news, I’m not here to break your heart but, hm here I am.” Love birds that managed to keep their relationship strong still end up encountering issues. Your partner is from Ivory Coast and wants to live in London, and you are from Chicago and must return home while both of you are studying in Spain which is not either of your countries. What a dilemma! You try finding common ground to sustain your relationship, but nothing. That’s when love starts fading away and bim! Marriage and family plans fly far, far, far away..

Congrats to those who made it happen!

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors..

Whether dating or not, rumor is a weapon that can break anything, either strong or weak. And we all know mouth to mouth communication in college is awful; what you never did, people say and have proof that you did. A partner that sees or hears those things and right away makes up their mind without informing their partner or even raising the issue up at all ruins the relationship because from there relationship becomes weird, forceful and toxic. Ah! Such things…

Fruit Of Passion

This should be like a good something right? Sweet, joyful and full of hope just as a child from a passionate love. Youth in college aren’t ready to be parents, some surely have support but most have bunch reasons why they can’t afford a child on earth. But ignorant as we are, when the passion grows to a fruit, males cowardly run from their responsibilities leaving ladies to decide the fate of that fruit.

Ps: fruit is used as a metaphor here.

Hope you enjoyed reading on the most common reasons for college break ups as much as I enjoyed writing them. Now you are aware of what might happen. Don’t freak out! I’ve got you covered, an article on ways to prevent your 4EvEr relationship goals from ultimate Uni destruction and still enjoy your Uni years will be delivered soon.

Ps: be ready to go wild for your partner😩..



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