Everything That Happens When You Fall Sick In A Ghanaian Home

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If you’ve ever fallen sick in a Ghanaian home, you’ll relate with everything on our list.

1. That’s when you’re pampered the most

Sickness brings out the good side of your parents and siblings. They’ll go the extra mile for you and try to do what they can to make you feel better. You tend to get away with a lot of things because of the sickness.

2. You choose what you want to eat

Sickness basically brings out royalty you didn’t know you were. Apart from foods like soups that are usually encouraged, because you tend to generally have no appetite, once you say you want to eat something, they get it for you.

3. You cannot enjoy the food

That’s the number one downside. You have everyone wrapped around your finger. Everyone wants to make you feel good and get you whatever you want but when the food comes, the sickness takes over and now you can’t eat. You eat once of twice and then you don’t have the strength to take any more.

4. Swallowing drugs/getting injections

Whichever one you dread most, you’ll have to face them when sick. Swallowing pills can be so stressful especially when there are a number of them you have to take. If you fear needles, you may need to psyche yourself up since that may be the easiest way to get some drugs into your system to make you feel better.

5. Herbal medicine will definitely be around

This may not be the case for everyone but some parents will try as much as possible to mix up orthodox medication with that of the herbal ones and when you get better, they attribute it to the herbal drugs meanwhile, you used both and so you cannot be too sure.

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