TTU: If You Missed Out On The Football Match Between MYNLMA And Sawasawa, We’ve Got All The Juice

There has always been the need to make campus lively, exciting and joyous for students who reside on campus aside the usual learning activities. For this reason, there has been the formation of various units who take different avenues to entertain students.

Make You No Leave Me Alone (MYNLMA) just came up with the name for students to be curious and intrigued about it, sat with its board members to come up with an exciting and campus-shaking program and for this to be more engaging, there was the need to involve Sawasawa (a jama group of Getfund Hall).

MYNLMA in the yellow jersey of Brussia Dortmund

A week before the main events on the getfund forecourt, the squad of MYNLMA engaged in friendly matches and at times played among themselves to enable them select the best out of their numerous members to stand against Sawasawa.

Men like Kwamena Mp, Size One, McDanz McCoy, Opetey(Mathew), Jayso, Cyril, Akiti, PK, Isaac, Pappy, Kiti and many more earned their names in the list. The event saw to the provision of Fan yoghurt and FanChoco to grace the day.

Sawasawa in the White jersey of Madrid

Friday, 2nd July, 2021 was eventually agreed between MYNLMA and SawaSawa. Prior to the main event the media team of MYNLMA took pictures on the Wednesday, 30th June for the making of flyers to sell the event.

Cyril represented MYNLMA whiles Department and Shortcake for Sawasawa. As tradition demands, we had to both join hands to make some chanting (Morale) around 3:10pm to 3:40pm. MYNLMA wore the yellow jersey of Brussia Dortmund and White jersey of Madrid for Sawasawa, MYNLMA started with Cyril (Defense), Opetey and Akiti (Midfielders), Size One and Hashtag (Attackers).

The starting five of Sawasawa were Department (Defense), Kaiser and shuga (Midfielders), Nket and Short cake (Attackers).  

The match started at exactly 3:50pm with AndyStraw handling the match as referee appointed by the match committee. The spectators of the day were numbered around 110 people. Some filled the forecourt of Getfund Hall while others stood at hexagon and in front of the lecture halls.

At the end, Nket of Sawasawa scored the only goal of the day leading Sawasawa into victory. Substitutes for MYKLMA were Sadamusey taking off Opetey, Pappy taking off Size One, PK taking off Akiti, Kiti taking off Cyril, Black taking off PK. Sawasawa made only a few changes but played well to win at the end of the day.


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