Here’s Why The Admin Of Accra Great Olympics’ Twitter Account Deserves A Pay Raise

Accra Great Olympics vs Techiman Eleven Wonders

You see how a social media campaign does really well and people start asking brands to pay their social media team all the money they ask for?

Well, the admin handling the Accra Great Olympics didn’t wait for people to ask his company to pay them more.

The admin straight up went ahead to ask for more money after the target given him was reached more than 6 months to the deadline.

According to the admin, the football club had given a 50k followers by December 2021 target.

Now, with 51.7k followers with six more months to go, the admin rightly believes a pay raise is in order.

This was not a private thought but it was clearly expressed on the Great Olympics Twitter handle.

This got a lot of reactions, including one from the sports broadcaster, Gary Al-Smith.

He claimed that he was with the CEO of Olympics and that the CEO claims he has sent Mobile Money to the admin.

Adding to how hilarious the whole thing was, the admin shared a screenshot of a MoMo balance. The balance was GHS 10.29 suggesting either the money reportedly sent by the CEO has arrived or the CEO sent less than GHS 11 to the admin.

Either way, this really helped to bring a lot of laughs to folks on the Twitter streets.


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