Have Fun In College And Still Reach Your Relationship Goals

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If you’ve read my last article on why your college relationship is probably doomed, you’ll understand the main reason for this one, which is basically to save your relationship. If you haven’t, no biggie we’re all learning, aren’t we? Here’s the article on tips to keep your relationship strong and still enjoy your youth life in Uni.

Quick catch-up: relationships in Uni flake due to the whole college life.

Honest Deals

Remember in high school when we used to promise 4EvEr to each other? That usually becomes shaky once you’re out of high school. The best thing to do to keep your relationship on the right track is being honest. A wild friend of mine made her relationship as honest as possible, she would tell her boyfriend when she was having a crush on someone, when she was tempted and when she wanted to do anything. I know, “the f*ck? was my reaction too, mind you! It worked out for them though, and she got married to her college sweetheart a year ago.

Communication Is Key

Communication is a way of expressing feelings using any kind of commutative language. In this case, the language your partner and yourself understand the best is better to use. If it worked out for most of our parents, why won’t it for us? So no matter the bother, the issue, the disturbance or whatever else, communicate in the most understandable way to get your partner to listen. It can prevent useless issues and rumors as well.


Well, even if you aren’t a big fan of compromising, you have to in Uni. Through communication and honesty, you build a safe place where your partner can freely and easily discuss anything. As Uni life is risky and wild, allow your partner to take away parts of the wildness by setting limits for yourselves together (could be no feelings or no sex or protection). Let’s talk real here haha, in this logic you all can enjoy college life and be together. It also contributes in strengthening the relationship when all is done in the most transparent way.

Ps: when you set the limits together, you respect them.

Experiencing New Things Together

Again, let’s be real. What is the most accurate reason for breakups in Uni? Cheating, and lost of interest, right? And what if I told you that those can be overcome? Ever heard of adventure in relationships? At the point we are now, we’ve realized lots can be done to pepper up a relationship, what was seen as taboo or not possible is now more common than ever. So try things out it might work to get your heads off others or silly temptations.

Be Realistic

Let’s be honest, real life love isn’t a tv show. No one can be exactly as you want, there’s always a wrong in the right, always a lie in the truth and always two faces on a coin. Chose your partner wisely and love them as much as possible, cause nothing is better out there. And as long as you are happy, make your drama (I know we females like some pepper) but do not intentionally hurt your partner because of a one time caprice.


To keep your long distance relationship, try out scheduling. Plan Skype date nights; Yes, I said date nights, get a movie you both really want to watch, stream together while eating something you want. True, you you won’t be as close as you want but you will enjoy and laugh together and only someone who really loves you will do this.

Ps: make sure internet connection is good ;(

Also, schedule visiting time where after a long period of time apart you love birds get to see each other, cuddle and all you want hihi. By the way, space in relationships help strengthen them.

Ps: protection is important, a friendly reminder.


In all, understand your partner can’t always be as available as you want. Understand love can’t be forced, but it can be worked out. You both agreed on this, understand you and your partner have needs, understand the importance of space and understand the love of your partner is higher than all he/she might meet in Uni.

Stay confident and follow the tips above to enjoy relationships and Uni.

⚠️Do not waste anyone’s time. Feel free to say it out loud if you’re not staying for the long run.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my tips. Try it out, and maybe let me know? Either ways, I assure convenience, reliability and feasibility hehehe. And I will always say, you know your partner, be careful hehe. Kudooos.

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