Dagbani Becomes Third Ghanaian Language Approved On Wikipedia


Dagbani, the language of the Dagbamba in the North-Eastern part of Ghana, has formally been recognized by Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

This milestone follows the migration of hundreds of Dagbani articles from the incubation stage to Wikipedia’s mainstream.

The language, which is spoken by approximately 3 million people, has now joined Twi and Eʋegbe as recognized Ghanaian languages by the open data platform.

A co-founder of the Dagbanli Wikimedia Group, Sadik Shahadu, in an interview with CNR, said: “what it [language addition] means is that people who speak Dagbanli can now access Wikipedia content in their own language which is Dagbanli and also more content will now be available in Dagbanli on the internet.”

It also means native speakers can now access information through the wiki portal dag.wikipedia.org.

Until recently, the Dagbani Wikipedia has been incubating for several years.

The effort to revive the Dagbani Wikipedia incubator started early last year as the brainchild of the Global Open Initiative Foundation, a young nonprofit organization based in Ghana.

Its founders, Sadik Shahadu and Mohammed Sadat Abdulai, led the initiative in February 2020 by recruiting language experts and enthusiastic speakers to form a group called Dagbani Wikimedian User Group (DWUG).

Since then, DWUG has undertaken a number of projects to encourage volunteers to add Dagbani content to Wikipedia.

These include regular editing sessions and the My Northern Achiever Challenge in October 2020 – which was a competition that was aimed at adding content about notable Ghanaian personalities to Wikipedia.

Members produced more than 200 articles that went into the incubator which were eventually migrated onto the mainstream Wikipedia on July 1, 2021.

source: CNR

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