CUCG Students, These Are 4 Ways To Ease Tension Before Exams

E choke!!! We can see less posts on Social Media, influencers and slayers are obviously on break, everyone’s buying food because we all want to save time, nobody’s going to town plus more students can be seen on campus at night. Exams are one of those things we don’t really get used to even after several trials. Only few of us are relaxed during exam season. The online lectures brought to us by auntie Coro is also another source of anxiety for some. If you don’t like the way you are feeling now, here are some of the ways to ease tension and prepare for this end of semester.

1. Breathe Well- Eat Good- Sleep Enough

Yeah, you need to practice some breathing exercises whenever you feel stressed and want to release tension. Stress affects your perception of reality and even after learning, you tend to feel like you haven’t learnt anything. You also need to eat good food. It helps your body stay fit. Good sleep contributes to a more retentive memory. Even if you are a night owl, the 7-8 hours rest per day is a must.
These are basic needs according to Maslow’s pyramid of needs. Some even add sex and so why not? Do what you must to reduce the stress.

2. Exercise

30 minutes skipping or playing football for 45 minutes will not put an F on your transcript. Take a walk, go for some jogging rounds on the field, skip rope, dance. It will make you feel good and the learning will be smoother after.

3. Know Yourself and Plan

Are you an early bird or a night owl? E-learner or traditional learner? Notes or recordings? You have to know what works best for you and plan accordingly. It will save you some time and stress. For example, if you prefer listening to recordings, just make time to listen before it gets late. Knowing what, how, where and when to learn is important if you really cannot deal with pressure.

4. Recreation

Exam period is not a no-fun period. After learning for 2-3 hours , you need to go out and enjoy fresh air or watch an episode of your favorite series. You can equally visit or call friends. It also allows your brain to store and process what you have learnt. The catch is that, you can rest for a specific Amount of time.

Hope you find these techniques helpful. Remember to always believe in yourself.


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