All The Stages You’ll Go Through When Going For A Interview In Ghana

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1. When you submit your application and you’re praying that you’ll be picked.

2. When you finally get the confirmation email telling you that you’ve been selected for the interview.

3. When it hits you that being selected for an interview doesn’t mean you’ve gotten the job

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4. This is you talking to yourself and getting ready for your interview

5. When you get to the interview and you see how many people you’re competing with.

6. When you realise that some people have a lot more qualifications than you do. BSc, MSc, MPhil, MBA, PhD

7. You listening to someone who finished their interview talk about what they were asked

8. When it’s finally your turn and you say your last prayer

9. The interviewer’s face when you try to crack a joke to loosen the tension in the room

10. How you wait for your callback


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