4 Things Women Shouldn’t Assume Men Know

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A lot of times, women don’t like to spell out how they feel, hoping that their partners will figure it out but the truth is that, unless explicitly told, most men have no clue. Here are some of the things you should actually talk to your partner about at least once or twice.

1. Whether or not you want to take the relationship to the next level

You need to be able to speak your mind clearly about where you want your relationship to go. There’s no way your partner will know what you want without saying it. Also, it will make sure that you’re both on the same page about your relationship. If you want the relationship to be serious, don’t assume they’ll know because of how fast you respond to them or how much time you spend together. Seeking clarity isn’t a sign of desperation.

2. Sending messages to show you’re thinking about them

Women love it when you share posts on social media you think they can relate with or are funny to them randomly or texting them in the middle of the day to tell them you’re checking up on them even though you’re very busy. The problem is, we assume men already know these things and so we wait for them to do it but they don’t. You need to let them know otherwise you won’t be happy in your relationship and they won’t know why and will have no clue that it’s about them.

3. Saying everything is alright when everything isn’t

This is basic but a lot of men don’t get it and so when they are about to move on, you need to spell it out for them. Unless you want to do this every time, try to say what’s wrong when they ask.

4. Venting because we want to vent and not because we want to be given a solution

Men like to fix things; it’s who they are. When you vent to them, they try to find means and ways to fix your problem even if all you want is to have a listening ear or say your thoughts out loud so you yourself come up with a plan. You need to let your man know that sometimes, it’s not that deep. You just want to hear yourself out loud.

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