Young Ghanaians Angry After Politicians Ignored #FixTheCountry To Focus On Anti-LGBTQ Agenda

LGBTQ photo. Photo credit: Feminstyle

Again, the tired old script is being played out on the national stage.

Mastering in diversionary tactics, the political elites have tried to shift the attention from their ineffective to targeting a vulnerable group of Ghanaians.

Yesterday, while young Ghanaians were being gunned down by Police officers and military men on the streets of Ejura in the Ashanti Region, Members of Parliament had gathered in Accra to pray and introduce a bill that criminalizes LGBTQ+ people and the advocacy for the recognition of their rights.

The shooting of unarmed protesters on the streets of Ejura came a day after Ibrahim Mohammed, commonly referred to as Kaaka passed, away from injuries he sustained when he was attacked for fiercely supporting the Fix The Country movement.

Kaaka had used his social media platforms to highlight the many developmental problems in his Ejura community.

It was only after his death that the police announced that they have arrested two people for his murder.

However, that was not enough for the young people of Ejura who took to the streets to register their displeasure at the murder of Kaaka.

The politicians were very much silent on the incident in Ejura but were rather vocal in their quest to target LGBTQ+ Ghanaians.

This, according to some Ghanaians, was meant to serve as a distraction from the horrible incidents in Ejura.

Using the anti-LGTBQ+ agenda as a diversion to other national problems is a common tactic of the government who has constantly targeted the queer community especially since the start of this year.


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